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Physics of Landslides N.M. Pinyol
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Advances in debris flow risk mitigation practice in Hong Kong K.K.S. Ho, R.C.H. Koo & J.S.H. Kwan
Effects of sedimentation and shearing on the triggering of flow-like submarine landslides A. Stoecklin & A.M. Puzrin
Identifying High Mobility Open Pit and Waste Dump Landslides J. Whittall
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Assessment of a rapid coseismic landslide using different flow rules Ching Hung & Chih-Hsuan Liu
Impact of climate change and human activity on quick clay landslide occurrence in Norway J.S. L’Heureux , Ø.A. Høydal, A.P. Paniagua Lopez & S. Lacasse
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Rain Induced Landslides in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, India V.B. Maji , S. S. Chandrasekaran , V. Senthilkumar
Runout dynamics of long-runout landslides and supporting field evidence A. Dufresne, F. Amann, A. Kos, E. Bowman
SPH propagation modeling of debris avalanches along engineered slopes Sabatino Cuomo
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A comparison of different approaches for modelling a fine-grained debris flow at Seton Portage, British Columbia, Canada E. Moase , A. Strouth , A. Mitchell
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Full-scale experiments on replication of debris flows in Kazakhstan R.K. Yafyazova
Gaining new knowledge from the catastrophic Zhaojiagou landslide on January 11, 2013 in dry season Z.Q. Yue
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Vibrational Fluidization of Granular Material: An experimental and numerical approach Yifei Cui , Zhihua Zhang,Dave Chan
Title Authors Attached Paper
Review of Benchmarking Exercise on Landslide Runout Analysis 2018 M. Pastor,K. Soga,S. McDougall,J.S.H. Kwan
A SPH depth integrated model with pore pressure coupling for fast landslides and related phenomena M.Pastor, S.M.Tayyebi, A.Yagüe, M.Martín Stickle, D.Manzanal, M.Molinos , B.Haddad, D.Palacios , Lin Chuan, Li Tongchun, Liu Xiaoqing
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Benchmarking Exercise: Dan3D with Objective Calibration Methods A.D. Mitchell , S.D. McDougall , J.B. Aaron
Comparison of depth-averaged and full-3D model for the benchmarking exercise on lanslide runout M. Pirulli, A. Leonardi , C. Scavia
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Landslide Runout Analysis using 2d-DMM , 3d-DMM and LS-DYNA Raymond P. H. Law & Raymond C. H. Koo
Prediction of a Hypothetical Debris Flow using LS-DYNA A.K.C. Cheung & J. Yiu
The proceeding of the benchmarking exercise in 2007 could be download from "here".
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A practical approach to landslide science:The legacy of Professor Oldrich Hungr S. McDougall