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JTC-1 TR3 Project
'Slope Safety Preparedness for Effects of Climate Change'

TR3 is a project launched by JTC-1 in 2012 to consolidate the state of knowledge and development work on slope safety preparedness for effects of climate change, and to establish good practice in landslide risk management and risk mitigation strategy to combat climate impact. Under the TR3 project, contributions were made by representatives of 21 countries/regions which culminated in a book summarising the state of the art published by CRC Press, which is edited by members of the TR3 Steering Group.

As part of the TR3 initiative, a forum was held in Naples, Italy on 17 and 18 November 2015. It was decided at the forum that a platform should be set up to enhance continued international collaboration and facilitate sharing of progress in the subject matter by TR3 participants and/or JTC-1 members as a continuation of the TR3 project.

The Hong Kong Geotechnical Society has taken up the task of setting up an internet portal to facilitate repository and sharing of information. Please click here should you wish to upload information on recent work in connection with slope safety preparedness for the effects of climate change or have any queries.